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Developer's Tips & Tricks, Standard version
(Supporters version here)
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The main view.

Info: Database for Code Snippets (Tips & Tricks) collecting to avoid the double working.

Some features:

*NEW* Work with 64-Bit windows.
Work with Vista and windows 7.
Integrated editor with syntax highlight features.
Supported languages: BASIC (Visual, Just), C (Visual, ++, #), PHP, COBOL, CSS, Delphi (Pascal), HTML, .INI files, Java Scripts, Perl, Phyton, Script, SQL, XML and much more.
Support for Symbian OS source files (C compiler).
Screen compatibility for Windows with Large Font (120 DPI).
Tips manager (create, delete, rename, edit, syntax properties, etc...).
Import Tip from external file capabilities.
*NEW* Full drag & drop support for both dragged files and text from other applications.
Drag and Drop support for tree view in order to copy or move tips between categories.
Customizable font and colors for tip editor.
Find (& Replace) edit functions.
Templates for new tips with Macro's management for Header with automatic insertion for date, title, developer name, and more... Below the Macro keywords table:

Description Macro Keyword Output sample
File Name: %FILENAME% Tip file name sample
File Extension: %FILEEXT% TXT
Current Time: %TIME% 14.44.17
Current Date: %DATE% 31/05/2006
Current Year: %YR% 2006
Full Date: %FULLDATE% Wednesday 31 May 2006
DTT Version: %PGVER%
Developer Name: %DEVELOPER% Your Name :)
Cursor here: %CURSOR% | <- cursor stop here

Automatic (and manual) check for program updates.
Character Set management to support translation into non-latin languages (i.e. Russian, Chinese, etc..).
*NEW* Dual monitor support.
*NEW* Skins (color themes) support.

*NEW* New ToolBar: moveable, hideable and attachable to both sides of DTT.

*NEW* Graphical Tips (pictures) support; bmp, jpg, gif, tif, png, wmf and more.

Languages: English, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Two Traditional Chinese,
Turkish, Bulgarian, Polish, Hungarian, French and German.

We need translators for other languages... free contact FSL
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Get the last version and Users Tips code contribution of DTT from the download page: Download

We are collecting new Tips from our DTT users...
Free contact FSL if you have your own Tips to send. Thanks!
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