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FSL Launcher "Skin Design Contest"

"...are you the winner?"

Intro: The FSL FreeSoftLand Team is proudly to announce the first:

- FLS Launcher Skin Design Contest -

From release, FSL Launcher supports the skins!
This goes out to all you FSL Launcher users with a little artistic flair: FreeSoftLand, makers of the new FLS Launcher, are running a skin designing contest.

How to: Making FSL Launcher skins is not as hard as you might expect. The skin system was designed to make it as easy as possible.
You can learn how by watching into the four example folders supplied with the Launcher.

Download: User guide (include skin build guide). If help file can't be opened under Windows XP: right click on help file, select "properties" then click on unlock button.

Download English (Downloaded times)

Send to: All skins submitted to info@freesoftland.net are eligible for the contest.
A group of judges will select one winner and 25 top skin designer of the year; the winner also will become a Supporter user of FreeSoftLand.

Below the preview of the four sample skins provided with the Launcher:



True Acid


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